Products Q&A

Radiators carry a 10 year no quibble guarantee. This is conditional that standard installation procedures are adhered to including the use of a propriety brand of corrosion inhibitor being introduced into the system in which the radiators are installed. We strongly recommend that on completion of any installation the system is flushed clean as per International standards. Warranty is voided if product is not installed by an accredited plumbing professional.
Yes our radiators are manufactured to meet all International standards including EN442 and carry CE certification
Our radiators use a multi level painting process, 3 stage pre treatment 100% internal and external surface undercoating with advanced quality wet paint followed by expoxy polyster paint RAL 9016.
All radiators are tested to 13 bar which exceeds the maximum operating pressure of 10 bar.
Our products have a safe system against any impact during storage, transport and assembly
Yes our products are fully compatible with all heating sources including heat-pumps.They are in fact the product of choice with heat-pump installers.
All of our products are available at leading Plumbing & Heating Merchants, Hardware and DIY stores throughout the country.
The Delta T is the difference between a target room temperature and the average temperature of water in the radiator.
Yes we provide Heat Outputs in all Delta T settings. Conversion factors are available in our Delta T50 Tab for each product line.
A direct system is one where the tap water actually mixes with the water in the radiators. An indirect system separates the tap water from the water in the heating system. Firefly and Prime-Heat products must only be fitted to an indirect system.
TBOE/BOE refers to which position the pipes are connected to the radiator. OE means opposite end i.e. pipe on either side. TB is top bottom i.e. 1 pipe is connected to the top and 1 to the bottom. B is both pipes connected to the bottom.

Yes our products are covered by all International and Building standards and each carries a Certificate of Conformity.

Everything required for installation can be found within each radiators packaging including hanging brackets and wall screws, Plastic inserts and a vent and plug.